Thyroid Healing Yoga: Breathwork for Optimal Wellness


Pranayama, or yogic breath work has been proven to reduce stress and alleviate the symptoms of thyroid disease. This course teaches you easy-to-use practices that optimize wellness, clear your mind and balance your energy.

If you’re struggling with the ups and downs that symptoms of thyroid disease bring you, this course is perfect for you.

Whether you have sluggish metabolism, a lack of energy, brain fog, anxiety, depression, or any of the myriad emotional and physical symptoms thyroid disease causes, yogic breath work and its healing effects are incredibly beneficial for diminishing the stress and challenge of dealing with thyroid disease.

In this course, the founders of Thyroid Healing Yoga, Alanna Kaivalya, Ph.D., and Danna Bowman, offer you the most powerful and proven yogic breathing techniques to help you on your Thyroid Healing Yoga journey!



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